Great Minds / Great Ideas Lecture

Tuesday, March 12 at 7 pm
Just What Do We Owe Each Other? Peter Singer and Ethics Today 
Peter Singer is among the most famous contemporary advocates of utilitarian philosophy, the idea that we should ultimately do what produces the most happiness for the most number. He is also one of the more controversial philosophers living today. A staunch critic of modern, consumer culture, Singer consistently questions society’s fixation on materialistic success and its, at times, disastrous effects on people, animals, and the environment. In his recent works, he has called on people to rethink their obligations to others and has stressed the moral necessity—especially of those in developed nations—of taking concrete steps to reduce suffering in the world when we can.
Presenter: Dr. Michael Sanders, professor of philosophy
In cooperation with the Cazenovia Public Library and The Manlius Library, Cazenovia College is pleased to announce the fifteenth season of its Faculty Library Lecture Series: “Great Minds / Great Ideas.”

The 2018-2019 series features noted faculty members from Cazenovia College whose topics cover the breadth and depth of the liberal arts—from the ethnic socialization of children to cancer and tumor suppressor genes.

All lectures begin at 7 p.m. with ample time for questions and conversation following each lecture.

The Great Minds/Great Ideas Library Lecture Series is made possible through the generous support of Patricia Stacy Healey, class of 1962, and Helen Stacy.