FM School Budget Vote


7 A.M. TO 9 P.M.



Fayetteville-Manlius residents will consider a school budget proposal for the 2018-19 school year on Tuesday, May 15, 2017. Before the vote, the F-M Board of Education will work with district and school leaders to develop a budget proposal informed by the district’s mission, educational goals, fiscal challenges and opportunities.

2018-19 proposed budget: $82,898,692

2018-19 proposed budget increase: $2,169,754; 2.69%

2018-19 proposed tax levy increase: $2,183,198; 3.67%

2018-19 estimated tax rate increase: 1.90%*

Read more about the FM school budget here.

The libraries are separate legal entities from the school district, with their own funding and budget. The amount of the tax levy collected by a school district for a library remains the same each year until the library requests a proposition to change that amount.

The school district does not endorse, control or recommend any aspect of how the libraries spend money.

On May 15, when Fayetteville-Manlius School District residents cast their votes for the proposed 2018-19 school budget, they will also have the opportunity to vote on two library propositions: one to levy and collect a tax in the amount of $1,824,396 for the Fayetteville Free Library and the other to levy and collect a tax in the amount of $1,325,343 for Manlius Library.

If voters approve the propositions, the school district would annually levy and collect taxes in the new amount for the libraries beginning in the 2017-18 fiscal year. The amount authorized for library services is listed as a separate line on residents’ tax bills.

New York state education law allows libraries to place a funding proposition on school district ballots and requires school districts, at the libraries’ requests, to levy and collect taxes for libraries.