Sweet Genes

Sunday, March 11 • 2 pm

Susan Sloane, a local pharmacist and mother of two sons with diabetes, will talk about her new book, Sweet Genes: Finding a Balance Living with Diabetes, and provide good advice for handling life with this disease.

Diabetes struck the Sloanes’ first son when he was seventeen months old and their second son several years later, when he was nine. At a time when information about the disease was sparse–and not on every physician’s radar–Susan Sloane worked to gather all she could to give her sons as normal a life as possible. Early in her search, she discovered the Joslin Diabetes Center, and the family’s meeting with Dr. Joseph Wolfsdorf put them on the right path to coping with this disease.

Sweet Genes provides pragmatic, yet easy-to-understand steps for handling diabetes at any age, whether for yourself or for your child. Recommendations include medical devices, monitoring schedules, diet considerations, as well as procedures for dealing with school personnel. With sound management, diabetes can be controlled. Sloane’s sons are testaments to the ability of those with diabetes to direct their life as they desire and live to the fullest. Both sons have pursued careers in medicine, and each adds his perspective to their mother’s account. Their success demonstrates that you, or your family members, can live well with diabetes.