Money Programs for Teens & Tweens

Make a Wish, Get Your Goal:
Money Management for Tweens

Tuesday, February 20 at 1 pm

Presented by NBT Bank of Manlius

Learn the importance of setting goals.  The difference between general and specific goals will be discussed with practice making goals more specific.  Learn how specific goals are more likely to be achieved than general ones.

Grades 5+

Give Me Some Money:
Credit and Lending for Teens

Tuesday, February 20 at 2 pm

Presented by NBT Bank of Manlius

Teens!  Learn what information is asked when applying for a car loan and understand the factors influencing lending.  Categorize questions as “on the application” or not and then discuss as a group why these may or may not be asked on a loan application.  Learn why having money saved is a factor in lending as well as why certain questions cannot be asked for legal reasons.  Determine whether you think you are creditworthy.
Grades 8+