Archimedes and the Eureka Moment

Great Minds / Great Ideas: The Eureka Moment:

The Eureka Moment:

The psychology of insights from the time of Archimedes to the present day.

Dr. Ezra Wegbreit’s talk focuses on the “aha!” moments we all get from time to time—those sudden bursts of insight that allow us to break through a stubborn problem we’ve been stuck on. From the time of the Greek scientist Archimedes and his eureka moment, humanity has been fascinated by these solutions that seem to come from nowhere. Insightful solutions to difficult problems have a long and interesting history, with many other great minds experiencing them, including physicist Albert Einstein, mathematician Henri Poincaré, and chemist August Kekulé. A small, but growing, scientific literature has examined the psychology of insights, including work by Dr. Wegbreit. He will discuss the history, mythology, and psychology of insightful problem solving, with the audience having a chance to potentially solve some problems with insights.